Case Study: Class-8 Truck

EDI EV & PHEV Class-8 Solutions

Heavy duty fleets operating in logistics goods movement applications are among the second largest transportation segment--responsible for significant levels of emissions and energy use. Governing bodies including the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Transportation have jointly introduced regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions from tractor trailers and other big trucks. These new regulations require truck OEMs to increase their fuel economy by up to 40% by 2027.

In response to these government mandates, the trucking industry is undergoing significant changes in the areas of design and technology implementation-with leading OEMs looking to utilize hybrid and electric systems to extend range and improve emissions.

To enable heavy duty truck OEMs to rapidly create hybrid and electric vehicle solutions, Efficient Drivetrains has introduced an EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 system, available in PHEV and EV form factors. EDI has worked with leading heavy duty truck manufacturers to create proof-of-concept and demonstrator vehicles, and will also be offering its EDI PowerDrive™ system as an electrification kit. The EDI PowerDrive™ electrification system offers OEMs a robust framework for rapid vehicle solution development inclusive of EDI PowerSuite™ vehicle control and telematics software, and the requisite training and support infrastructure to enable quicker time to market. OEMs can also further customize their vehicle solutions with EDI’s Electric Power Export (EDI Power2E™) option—the capability to export a range of power directly from the vehicle for use in disaster recovery, tool operation, and V2G applications.

By integrating EDI’s drivetrain and vehicle control software into heavy duty trucks, OEMs are able to quickly comply with regulatory requirements, while offering fleet operators the benefit zero-emissions driving, significant reduction in fuel costs, and reduced total cost of ownership. Truck drivers operating the vehicle will continue to experience a standard driving experience--all the expected full power vehicle performance of the OEM, while eliminating harmful emissions.

Features include:

  • All Electric Option features: 100+ mile range
  • PHEV Option features: 35+ miles all electric driving and 300+ miles of hybrid
  • Zero Emissions Driving with Full OEM Performance
  • Highway speed of up to 65+ mph
  • Vehicle Diagnostics and Fleet Tracking with Telematics

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