Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. PowerDrive™ system available for Class 8 truck OEMs

EDI PowerDrive™ system available for Class 8 truck OEMs looking to rapidly introduce electrified heavy duty trucks

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI), a global leader in advanced high-efficiency zero emissions electric and plug-in drivetrain solutions, today announced the expansion of its EDI PowerDrive™ product family to include a heavy duty offering suitable for Class-8 vehicle applications. The new powertrain line—the EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 will be available in the first half of 2018 in both all electric and plug-in hybrid form factors (PHEV). The company has received multiple project contracts for both the electric and plug-in hybrid versions of the solution with an initial OEM partner for deployment in mid 2018.

EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 Available in Hybrid and Full Electric Systems

The EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 is available in Full Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Systems.

The announcement builds on its highly successful medium duty EDI PowerDrive™ 6000 and 7000 series, available today on OEM platforms such as Freightliner, Peterbilt, Blue Bird Bus, Shaanxi and Thomas Built Bus. Efficient Drivetrains will be offering its EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 series as an electrification kit and developer support program for OEMs looking to quickly bring heavy duty electrified vehicle offerings to market, and comply with impending emissions reductions requirements. The EDI PowerDrive™ kit offers OEMs a modular design for easy integration into existing chassis designs and enables rapid vehicle solution introductions. Electrification kits will include a high-efficiency drivetrain (EDI PowerDrive™), vehicle control and telematics software (EDI PowerSuite™), and the training and support infrastructure to enable fast time to market. To speed market introductions, EDI can also install the powertrain systems and perform vehicle integration as a service for OEMs.

Initial solutions will include a 100+ mile all-electric drivetrain, the EDI PowerDrive™ 8000EV for zero-emissions short range driving including logistics, port drayage, and freight. The range extended plug-in hybrid version delivers 35+ miles of electric driving, and 300+ mile range with series-parallel driving before refueling is required for longer haul logistics and freight applications. Overall, the PHEV version uses less fuel than other hybrid options available on the market.  OEMs can also further customize their vehicle solutions with EDI’s Electric Power Export (EDI Power2ETM) option—the capability to export a range of power directly from the vehicle for use in disaster recovery, tool operation, and V2G applications.

News Highlights:

  • EDI has announced its EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 series of drivetrains—available in both Full Electric (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Options.
  • The company has confirmed multiple customer contracts and its initial OEM partner, with the first programs integrating the EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 to be delivered in mid 2018.
  • OEMs can quickly offer electrified solution offerings and comply with emissions reductions mandates by integrating the EDI PowerDrive™ electrification kits in both PHEV and EV systems--including control software and optional telematics for vehicle analytics and real-time fleet monitoring.
  • By integrating EDI’s drivetrain and vehicle control software into heavy duty vehicles, OEMs can offer fleet operators zero-emissions driving, significant reduction in fuel costs, and a reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Drivers operating a vehicle with EDI PowerDrive™ systems benefit from zero emissions driving, a high-performance vehicle experience including the full power performance of the OEM, without modification of normal driving behavior.
  • Recently, the company’s EDI PowerDrive™ 7000 has been approved for CARB requirements and HVIP incentives.
Supporting Quotes:

“The heavy-duty trucking industry is experiencing a sea change—largely driven by an urgent need to reduce emissions. Worldwide, our most populated cities are experiencing significantly diminished air quality as a result of heavy-duty goods movement. The passenger car industry has experienced a significant change, but heavy-duty trucks continue to represent the largest producers of emissions. Although heavy duty applications are the most technically challenging, they are also the highest priority for reducing emissions, and improving air quality today. EDI continues to be intently focused on creating practical solutions for today’s vehicle OEMs, so that fleet operators can meet new requirements while being able to maintain their business operations."

-Joerg Ferchau, CEO, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.

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